I bet I can guess what you are thinking...

Yes, you! I bet I can guess exactly what's going through your head when it comes to hiring an organizer!

After two years in the business, I thought I should shed some truth, debunk misconceptions, and give a little insight into the home organizing business.

Myth #1 "She's judging me and my mess!"
False! This is what I do for a living. Helping others brings me great joy. Remember: I’m a MOM! I’ve seen it all (or almost). Kids and organization is not a perfect match. With kids, we need to lower our expectations and make real changes for lasting solutions. There is no judgement at House of Von - only solutions!  

Myth #2 "She'll tell everyone what a hot mess my house is."
False! I have a confidentiality clause in my contract and your privacy is one of my main concerns. This is about servicing you and your home!  

Myth #3 "She'll put my house on social media."
False. I only use photos with permission and agreement. 99% of my post are anonymous photos with only neighborhood or area of town mentioned. Let’s be honest, not all jobs make the “Pinterest cut" - that doesn’t mean that small changes don’t make a huge difference in day-to-day organization.  

This next one is so huge and such a common fear with my clients!

Myth #4 "My home didn't stay perfect; I'm a failure."
Most all jobs require maintenance. Read that again: most projects will require maintenance. This is okay! Organization is a habit and must be maintained. Don’t be embarrassed if one year later your linen closet is back to disarray. Remember: if you have kids, you may have a “helper” un-doing what you’ve put into place. Lots of variables mean that spaces need upkeep. Having me return to a previous space can be hugely beneficial; we can see what’s working, what needs improvement. and what needs a “little love”.

I believe in this so much that I'm offering 10% off any repeat business for spaces that need a refresh. Schedule an appointment with me!

Let's book a refresh!

And last, but not least...

Myth #5 "But can't I do this myself?" (A lot of husbands will ask you this question, too!)
I love a DIY project as much as the best of us, but even I know when to surrender and call in the troops. Even as a professional, I find organizing my own house HARD because I’m so close to the objects. My outside perspective gives me a different viewpoint than your personal view. It allows me to move and tidy 100x faster than you could because I have fresh eyes. Plus, let any haters know I’m very upfront with my hours and have never let a client down with finishing a project in a timely manner. I’m super focused with time!


"Marge is outstanding! In no time she had kids rooms, playroom, sorted out and organized. I can’t wait for her to come and make a plan for more rooms ! I absolutely recommend her for anyone. What felt very overwhelming to me Marge, simplified and made it easy and fun. Our house has much more clarity!" —Houzz User

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