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Let's shop together! These organization essentials are perfect for tackling whatever Spring cleaning project is on your list.

1. Packing Cubes!

These little babies are a huge life saver and more importantly a SPACE saver!  They will compact your clothing - which will also make you cognizant about your packing choices.  Example: Do you really need three sets of pajamas? They come in lots colors and some are clear for security check through. Then if you have to open your suitcase things are hidden away in 5 cubes, vs. your lingerie flying out of the suitcase on the airport scanner.   My favorite set even comes with a dirty clothes cube.   

amazon packing cubes.png

2. The Home Edit’s New BOOK!  Just released on March 19th!

OMG- the photography is so good and their sense of humor makes them more relatable.  I mean when you organize for the Stars (Gwenyth, Rachel Ray, etc.) their designs can be a bit intimidating- but the book shares they favorite tips and more. 

the home edit.png

3. Amazon Basic Shelving System. This shelf is SO versatile. I’ve used in countless attics, garages and most recently in a home office. It’s super easy to assemble and can handle real weight.

amazon basic shelf.png

4. Clear Round Lazy Susan. I never can have too many lazy susans! :) I like this one to hold smaller items like band aids and neosporin. It’s options are limitless - you can use in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and so much more. Clear Spot = Clear and easy direction.

clear round lazy susan.png

5. Drawer Grids. Instead of just throwing your undergarments and/or t-shirts haphazardly into the drawers- use these grids. The Konmari method of folding is great but it works better when it has a grid or box like container to hold in place. They’re inexpensive and make maintaining an organized drawer attainable.
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