5 Organization Hacks to Spruce Up Your Home

Are You Drowning in Clutter?

If you're feeling overwhelmed by piles of stuff around your house and don't know where to begin, you're not alone. 

Over a lifetime, we will spend a total of 3,680 hours or 153 days searching for misplaced items.


6 Organization Hacks to Spruce Your Home

Follow these steps to a happier, tidier home for you and your loved ones!


End every day with a sweep of the entryway.

-Take shoes to their closet
-Hang up backpacks and coats
-TOSS junk mail

This evening activity will bring brighter mornings.


Start each month with a clean slate.

-New calendar for important dates (pin upcoming invitations nearby)
-File keepsake art and make room for new treasures
-Collect + print quick, healthy dinner ideas


Have a donate basket in your closet.

Anytime you try on something and it doesn't pass the test—it's ill-fitting or you're simply tired of the outfit—say "Goodbye!" If it's in top condition go ahead and donate. If it's stained and/or torn recycle or put in the trash. Don't keep waiting for "someday" to come.  


Also known as the Banker Box.

Have a dedicated space for filing: bills, tax paperwork, kid's artwork, keepsakes, school paperwork, and medical. When these items come in, you can review them daily and decide to FILE or TOSS. Paperwork can turn into Gremlins, they multiply quickly!


Make washing the dishes more enjoyable.

-Toss those old sponges
-Incorporate a tray or cake stand to elevate your sink space
-Use soap and countertop sprays in seasonal accents.

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