My Thoughts on Marie Kondo as a Professional Organizer

Marge here.

What's the word on Marie Kondo and the Japanese Art of Tidying Up? It’s everywhere from Netflix to the Today Show to funny memes online. 

I fell in love with this book back in 2014! Fast forward to now and this little book is mainstream and even has a TV show on Netflix.

I thought I’d give my two cents on the book, the show, and the "tidying up movement".


So, the book:

As with most guidebooks like this, it’s super hard to follow 100% of the way.

I can’t clean out my purse at the end of the day - everyday. 

But the sum of the whole of this book is new and buzz worthy. Marie’s methods break from the normal by organizing by CATEGORY vs. by ROOM. For example, you would start by organizing ALL the books in your home vs. starting in the living room. This can be challenging in our busy lifestyles. 

Her other big theory is only keeping items that bring you JOY. She challenges you to ask yourself, “Does this shirt (or book, teapot etc.) bring me joy?” If not - let it GO! 

We keep so many things for all the WRONG reasons:

It was a gift.
It belonged to my great grandmother.
I paid too much for the item.
...the list can go on and on!

People feel guilty getting rid of items for many reasons. That’s why Kondo says to take a minute, hold the object, and thank it for the time you had - then let it go.  

It’s a simple process and makes the items you keep in your home intentional and purposeful. Not to mention the amazing and freeing feeling once you’ve let go of items that you no longer need or use. 

This is where Marie Kondo & I are lucky to have this job. Seeing and hearing the joy people have after organizing is a real gift. 

I've heard from many of my clients the JOY they feel after we’ve finished a session. Some compare it to an emotional and physical weight loss. They feel lighter, free, and happy for a fresh start.


About the Netflix show:

To be honest I’ve only seen the first episode. 

I tidy for a living so my TV time is spent watching non-work related shows - like the Housewives and other bad reality tv. 🤣🤣

The show is bringing light to clutter and excess. Often people think you need a professional organizer if you're a “hoarder”. False. 

Everyone can benefit from clearing the clutter in their life. Without all the excess items you can easily find items in your home. Think of all the wasted time looking for certain items. 

The show bridges the gap between professional organizing and empowering everyone to be able to apply the process to their life. I approve!

The Tiding Up Movement and the big big question, “Does it bring you joy?”

I’ve had a few clients call or text me with funny jokes about applying the Konmari method to their husband or toddler because they weren’t bring them joy.
All kidding aside, I love both the new & traditional ways to help with organizing. 

I’d love to know what you think about the book, the show and/or the overall movement.

Comment below and tell me your thoughts!

Love, Marge