My Packing Hacks for a Stress-free Family Vacay

The sun is starting to shine and that means vacation time!! Planning can be a nightmare - unless you have a plan and a few of my tried-and-true travel hacks.


Here are a few of my travel essentials to make your next trip a breeze:

1. Packing Cubes!! These are my new B.F.F 

Not only do they help the suitcase be more compact and organized but they force you to be conscious with your packing.  One cube for Pjs.  Don’t pack seven if you’re only going for 2 nights.  Typical sets are less than $30 for a pack of 5.  One is typically clear for liquid toiletries.  I love using the largest bag upon arrival for my dirty clothes.  This makes unpacking more joyful!   

2. Weather app.

Go to Weather on your phone and add the CITY you’re traveling to.  Get to know the weather. This will help you plan your outfits & your itinerary.   

In Savannah- the weather can be all over the board. Ranging in 20+ degrees in one day isn’t out of the norm.  Even on a HOT August day, Savannah restaurants keep it nice and chilly! So a light jacket or cardigan is a must. Another great choice is a large scarf.  This makes a great wrap for the evening and can come in handy on the plane if your travel plans include flying, the scarf can double as a blanket.  

3. Define the Who? Where? What? & How? for your trip.  

Who will you be traveling with and do they require anything extra? (a.k.a. kids - they mean a whole different trip!) 

Where? What are we going to do? How many nights? 

Based on the number of nights and days you’re staying- you can begin making a packing checklist. If you’re super type A- write out a packing list.  If you’re not Marie Kondo - I recommend making a simple list in the Notes app in my phone.  Especially for major events that are on the itinerary for your trip.

4. As you start to plan….Keep it SIMPLE!  

Pack items that can be worn a few times. Especially shoes! Keep it simple and keep it comfortable. This is a great time to analyze your favorite items in your closet and pack a capsule wardrobe.  Pack only items you’ve worn (or at least tried on)- does the outfit make you feel happy, confident and comfortable? If not- DON’T pack it!  On the flip side- when you arrive- you know you’ve planned your outfits- this makes getting dressed a breeze and saves time. 

If you plan to visit River & Bay Street to see the fabulous shops and restaurants on the waterfront- pack comfortable shoes. The cobblestone streets are a sure bet to catch a heel! Also, note this is a tourist town.  You will see lots of dressed up outfits and possibly a tux, but have no fear most places are flip flop beach friendly. :) 

packing cubes suitcase.jpg

Ultimate Savannah Spring Break Packing List

My sample packing list and itinerary for a long weekend.


Sunday - Tuesday (2 nights, 3 days) 

Weather: Daily high low 60s Daily Low high 30s!  



Casual outfit for drive (Jeans & Top plus a lightweight jacket/raincoat) 

Tennis shoes/boots for a hike 


Monday Fishing Excursion- too cold to swim, but perfect for fishing 

Jeans & top for boat ride, Warm waterproof jacket 

Towels & Boat Bag (plus life jackets)  

Change of clothes before dinner 



Jeans & top- casual for daily activities then drive home.   



Undergarments- x 3 plus socks :) 

Pjs x 1-2 (depends on the person - I prefer fresh pjs) 

Swimsuit x 1 for Hot Tub 

Jeans x 2 

Sweatpants x 1 

Tops 3 plus 1 sweater for layering 

Warm Jacket and Hat 

Total Shoes: LLBean Duck boots and Vans 

Toiletries- to include sunscreen and bug spray 


Other items to pack:  

First Aid Kit 

Fishing Poles and Tackle 

Life Jackets 

Beach towels- x 4 

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