Beach-bound? My Tricks for a Perfectly Packed Beach Bag

Beach days are all fun and games until it's time to pack!! Only a couple of hours on the beach still requires the sunscreen, towels, change of clothes, hats, sunglasses, toys, jellyfish spray (yes!).... this list goes on and on!

Take the hassle out of packing and get to the beach quicker! Here are my four fabulous tips to an organized beach bag:

Beach Bag.jpg

1. Pockets are a mom's best friend. 

Find a bag with LOTS of inside and outside pockets! Pockets are key-- a typical beach bag is super large and without compartments (or worse one tiny pocket) --making your bag one big space. I LOVE this Scout BJ Bag from Amazon:

scout beach bag.jpeg

Grab my favorite bag!

1. Take the mountains to the beach!

Take note from the mountain-goers: use a few carabiners. These are the perfect “add-a-pocket” to make your bag even more accessible. I use one for my baseball hat, and one for a small makeup bag to hold my wallet, keys, and phone.

beach clips.png

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3. Smaller bags within your big bag.

Similar but not the same as tip #1. I have a small bag for goggles and a medium bag for an assortment of sunscreen. When my boys were babies, I always had a spare bag for a wet swimsuit and change of dry clothes. Don’t have any small bags? Use a large ziplock bag!

4. Ditch those ginormous towels!

Let’s talk towels….my kids love traditional beach towels - big and fluffy. However, I’ve recently fallen in love with Turkish towels or microfiber thin beach towels. You can pack twice as much with the thin towels and I promise - they dry just as well!!


Grab my favorite beach towels!

Happy Beaching!

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